New Song for Worshiping Hearts

Friday is for Heart Songs

A friend and servant of Christ wrote some fantastic music for these lines a decade ago that makes for a great solo. But I would love to hear someone take a stab at music that would be highly singable for a corporate worship setting. Anyone up for trying?

Worship or Die

Phil. 1:21
For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain”

O Risen God, Incarnate Flesh,
You who have riven then healed my heart,
I long to worship in spirit and truth.

So make me a man
who sees only You,
And breathes for the pleasure of Christ.
For I’m learning to see,
If I don’t worship I die.
But living for You is life.

Worship is the song of life
The tune of our service and love.
When every step is an act of devotion,
and every look, an adoring gaze,
then life is filled with His* pleasure.

So make us a people
who desire only You,
and breathes for the pleasure of Christ.
For we’re learning to see,
If we don’t worship we die,
but living for You is life.

(Chorus, twice)

© 1998 Marty Schoenleber

2 thoughts on “New Song for Worshiping Hearts

  1. I’ll try! Writing music for already written lyrics is hard, but I’m a songwriter (member of Pastor Steve Kim’s church) and would love to take a stab at it. Love the lyrics!


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