Evaluating the Multi-site Phenomenon

Monday Discussion

Multi-site imageIt light of the video posted over the weekend with Ed Stetzer and Alan Hirsch giving brief critiques of the multi-site phenomenon, here are some evaluation friendly questions for multi-site churches.

  1. Look around your multi-site church next week: Are the talents of the congregation being maximized for the kingdom?
  2. Look around your multi-site church next week: Are the young leaders getting an opportunity to lead and develop?
  3. Are there young preachers being developed?
  4. Are there young musicians, readers, prophets, worship leaders, prayer warriors, teachers, etc. being identified and developed?
  5. Are the talents of the congregation being maximized or professionalized?
  6. Does the campus-pastor have real, observable, spiritual responsibility beyond making announcements? How does the campus congregation experience that each week?
  7. Does the model of the service communicate the supreme importance of Christ or the supreme importance of the communicator?
  8. How many people are actually using their gifts in serving the body in the worship service of your fellowship? What is the percentage?
  9. How is the “people resource” of the body of Christ being developed, expanded and deployed for kingdom expansion?
  10. How are you thinking through the implications for discipleship in your multi-site venues? What does the model say to the new convert about church, making disciples, etc.?
  11. How are you mobilizing people to mission (locally and globally) in your congregation?

My objective here is not “to rain on the parade” of multi-site, but to do what Alan Hirsch says about not undercutting the huge people resource of the body of Christ in our churches.

What would you add? What is your friendly, perspective on the multi-site churches?

3 thoughts on “Evaluating the Multi-site Phenomenon

  1. I think the questions by Ed and Alan pretty much covers the concerns and that video clip of them was very good. (IMHO, the video with Dever, MacDonald and Driscoll was not very good as Dever was not allowed to present his issues without being constantly interrupted with ‘one liner jokes.’ I think Dever has much he could say about this area.)

    Most multi-site churches seem to be out of a genuine desire, just not out of thoughtful insight to what is being created (the future will reveal this)…especially concerning other ministry gifts. (Eph. 4:11-12…related to questions #2,3,4,6.7) It seems, the ‘greatest’ area of concern by the Apostle Paul was the expedient development and release of ministry gifts for the spread of church planting, not waiting around until ‘the main man’ dies. Thanks Marty for the topic discussion…


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