Thoughts on Fanny Crosby

Thursday is for Discipleship

I read a startling fact about Fanny Crosby, the great hymn writer, blind from about the age of 6, she had memorized, before she was eleven years old, (and before she had ever formally gone to school) almost the entire New Testament, and five books of the Old Testament!


But that is not the most fascinating fact.

The more startling fact is that she did not become a Christian until she was 30 years old!

Imagine the implications.

All that Scripture memorized as her mother and grandmother read to her (her father died shortly after Fanny went blind) and yet her heart, though warmed to Christ, had not bowed to Christ until she was 30 years old.

I wonder how many sit in our evangelical churches thinking they are begotton of God, who have not truly yielded to Christ. They have “converted” to the church, or to the youth group, or to the fellowship, but not to Christ.

May God help all of us to make sure we are truly His, body and soul.

Pastors, remember this. Many can look, many can sound, many can act, many can quote, and study and carry Bibles who MAY NOT know the Living Christ. Don’t assume they are disciples because the smile each week. The job of the church is to make disciples (Matt. 28), not just hypnotize people or socialize people into a Christian subculture.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Fanny Crosby

  1. Very insightful (no pun intended)! There is a huge difference between external exposure to Christ’s message and internal relationship with Him, and our externals-focused society makes it perilously easy to slide by on the former. We all need to know and examine our own hearts–honestly–and ask whether we really know Christ or just know “about” Him. I’m challenged to do it myself! Thanks for a thought-provoking entry!


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