A Morning Prayer of Confession

Wednesday is for Prayer

Two things to notice and reflect upon when reading/thinking about the psalms.
One, the presence of lament—-whole Psalms and portions of many others are given over to lament.
Two, the almost complete absence of lament in the songs of 21st century Christians. Maybe one of the reasons we are so weak spiritually is because we are so thin in our theological reflection.


Suggested by Psalm 3

A Morning Prayer of Confession [1]

The morning has risen,
but my heart does not rise to Thee.

My mind and my training cry out,
but there is no echo in my heart.

My zeal for Your work continues,
but my passion for Your presence is dull
How long, O Lord, will I know my emptiness
and reject Your fullness?

How long, will I covet more and settle for less?
You, You only, are my need.
You, and You only can supply joy.
Make my heart cry like David’s.

Make my fear holy.
Create in me what was never there before.
Create in me what only You can.
Create in me a clean heart, O God,
that I might joy in You once again.

© Marty Schoenleber, Jr. 2002

Pray for all the saints around the world who long for cleansing from sin and a pure heart before God. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” (Mt. 5:8)

Updated 6/24/14: Reposting one meditation a day from the Psalm Project to stimulate myself to do some more work on the Psalms not finished.

[1] Suggested by Psalm 3 during morning devotions January 2002.

Go to Psalm 4.

3 thoughts on “A Morning Prayer of Confession

  1. Great post! 21st Century Christians are encouraged to always be bright and up-beat–never overly serious or sad, lest we appear depressed or give God bad PR. Good points, Marty! The Psalmist was honest about his feelings and his ups and downs.


  2. Comments brought over from my previous blog where this was first posted.

    Jim Murray – Jan. 3, 2008 –
    Good one to memorize.

    I needed that, Thank you Marty.

    Marty Schoenleber – Jan. 4, 2008 –
    The Psalm has the power, my musings are just my musings. Memorize the Psalm. It has the power to change our lives because God stands behind it. Behind my words, it’s just me. I will be praying for your move to Washington. Please stay in touch.


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