Mom Moves toward Eternity

No Monday discussion  this week.

My brothers and sisters are gathered together at Mercy Hospital in Muskegon, Michigan. Mom is getting ready to come home from the hospital into my brother Ed’s home for hospice. Not much Missional conversation for the blog right now. Not an apology, just a statement of fact.

I have to say that having all my brothers and sisters here has been a great joy. Truly, my mother was a great mom. All I have to do is look at any of my brothers and sisters and happiness floods my spirit. They are all extraordinary men and women. Each of them awes me with their accomplishments, their sacrifice, their responsible yet fun lives, the quality of their family lives but, most of all with their love and character.

One of  my mom’s friends made mom’s day when Heather, her youngest child and second daughter, got married. Speaking wistfully and with wonder my mom’s friend came up to her at the after wedding reception and said, “Well, that’s the last of the magnificent seven.” Mom beamed. Her children bow down and call her blessed. And blessed she is.

Lovers of one another, lovers of Jesus, lovers of their families, those of you that know my brothers Karl, Ed, Will and Joe or my sisters Mary and Heather, you know that I am not exaggerating. My awe is compounded because I know that their older brother, me, was such a poor example of almost all of the things that are strengths in their lives. And I am not exaggerating in that statement either. I am the worst of all, and yet Jesus rescued me too.

What a great God, what incredible mercy, what extraordinary loving kindness and steadfast love has our God shown to our family and the 50 year marriage of my parents. I want to write a book on the greatness I see in my brothers and sisters. Maybe someday. Today we stand by the bedside of the woman who gave us birth, nurtured our lives, released us to the world and loves us still. We watch her move triumphantly into eternity where in the great resurrection she will become our teacher again in a great reunion.

4 thoughts on “Mom Moves toward Eternity

  1. Marty, my prayers are with you all. Though I am acquainted with fewer than half of your siblings, I have seen enough to concur with your assessment.

    You are learning what many have learned before — the most significant lessons in life are learned at times of great tragedy. Our God is faithful and will not desert you in these difficult days. Praise His Name!

    In His love,



  2. I pray for you with tears and gratitude…what a precious woman of God. My mother’s homgoing was 12.5 years ago, I still miss her deeply and she was one of my closest friends in life along with being my mother.


  3. marty,

    Thank you. God’s blessings are undeserved so we receive them with great thanksgiving. We were blessed with great parents and our parents with a first born son (you) that has been an amazing example and leader in loving and following Jesus.

    Number 2


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