Why Evangelism is at the Core (not the fringe) of Spiritual Formation

We Christians should bother [with Evangelism] because of God the Father’s love . . . . All lovers will give anything, endure anything, do anything for the beloved.  That is what our God is like.  And  if we are children of such a God, it stands to reason that we should mirror in our own attitudes that love of His for people who do not deserve it at all.”
—Michael Green, Evangelism Through the Local Church, page 17

1 SpiritualFormationThe heart of God is a missionary heart. God is on a rescue mission to planet earth. Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost (Luke 19:10). Which is why the following quotation from A.W. Tozer”s The Set of the Sail, is right on target:

“Spiritual experiences must be shared. It is not possible for very long to enjoy them alone. The very attempt to do so will destroy them.

The reason for this is obvious. The nearer our souls draw to God the larger our love will grow, and the greater our love the more unselfish we shall become and the greater our care for the souls of others. Hence increased spiritual experience, so far as it is genuine, brings with it a strong desire that others may know the same grace that we ourselves enjoy. This leads quite naturally to an increased effort to lead others to a closer and more satisfying fellowship with God. …

The impulse to share, to impart, normally accompanies any true encounter with God and spiritual things. The woman at the well, after her soul-inspiring meeting with Jesus, left her waterpots, hurried into the city and tried to persuade her friends to come out and meet Him. “Come, see a man,” she said, “which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?” Her spiritual excitement could not be contained within her own heart. She had to tell someone.” (A.W. Tozer, The Set of the Sail, 50-51.)

What is the set of your sail?

  • Is there a growing passion to share the things of God with others?
  • Is there a growing desire to tell others that all your sins are forgiven and their’s can be too?
  • Is there a compulsion to preach the good news, not because you know it to be your duty, not because you are trying to win favor with God, not because you somehow are better than anyone else, but because your tongue longs to tell the wonders of a God who knows you completely and loves you anyway?
  • Like the woman at the well, do you have to tell someone?

If you don’t, there is something wrong with your spiritual formation.


2 thoughts on “Why Evangelism is at the Core (not the fringe) of Spiritual Formation

  1. Hey Marty, I’m Walter and thanks for asking these great questions. This a great post and I hear the urgent call to share what we have experienced. In the words of a great prophet – “it’s like fire in my bones and I can’t but speak.” It should naturally just happen, unfortunately many times that is not the case. I pray that we become a little bit more passionate – compassionate and contagious in the sharing of our faith, because this Good News is too good to not share.


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