The House is Emptier Tonight

My son has left the house for the last time. Tonight he sleeps in a new apartment, paid for by him and will likely never sleep in this home again. His room is empty, our hearts are full, and our eyes leak tears. We are proud of him. He marches on with life as young man walking with God, and in 7 days, his bride (the lovely Anna). They honor God, their families, and each other with their lives.

So tonight our house is emptier and our hearts are heavier and yet we are excited about their future.

Isn’t it interesting how joy and sorrow can exist simultaneously in the same heart-space? Not really in the mood to write. But maybe you can join me in prayer for two who are about to become one with dreams and passions for one another and God and their impact on the world.

  • Pray that they would be satisfied in God and so bring Him who is their treasure, great glory.
  • Pray that they would establish healthy patterns of communication.
  • Pray that they would be mightily used in their apartment complex to win many to Christ.
  • Pray that their jobs would hold steady and provide all they need for the next stage of life.
  • Praise God for a young love under the Lordship of Christ.

8 thoughts on “The House is Emptier Tonight

  1. I am still a few years away from this, but appreciate your willingness to share this with us.
    Wanted you to know again, I am enjoying and learning from your posts on a daily basis.
    Hope to cross paths with you in person someday soon.


    1. Jeff,
      Glad they are helpful. Sometimes I wonder. Look forward to our paths crossing and learning from you.

      Amazing isn’t it. Thanks for praying. Marty and I had a memorable time of prayer tonight. Not long, but we knew it as a sweet time. He’s a good one and Anna is a sweetheart. Still remember the day he came to me and told me he wanted to ask her out. “Why?” I asked him, probing his motives and thinking. “Because she inspires me to love God.”

      They haven’t been apart for 5 years. God answers prayer.


  2. We totally relate to the heavy and joyful hearts….over and over again. May God comfort you and Steph as He encourages you in this process.


  3. Hi Marty,
    Your blogs are teaching moments for me. I am having the core groups at cmc subscribe your blogs. So, thank you for taking time to post them.


    1. Steve,

      You humble and delight me. Your response is an answer to prayer. My hope has been that this blog would be a vital resource to church planters and their core groups/launch teams. I hope that your people are motivated to seek the face of the Savior, preach the word of the Savior and live for the glory of the Savior.



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