Lament is at the Heart of Worship

Wednesday is for Prayer

I find that I run most passionately into the arms of God in the extremities of life.

When life is utterly confusing, mind-numbingly evil, intellectually perplexing, when my friends are hurting and my heart breaks for them, when my heart aches for what is missing, or lost, or never achieved–those are the times when my pursuit of God seems to run white hot with a flaming passion for God.

On the flip side, when things are going so extraordinarily well, the only appropriate response seems to be a triumphant hallelujah at the goodness of God. I don’t like to admit it and it isn’t always comfortable, but  the extremities are good for my soul.

My experience however is that these latter moments are fewer and farther between than the wilderness experience and that often times the latter (the triumphant hallelujah moments) are really only recognized as the eu-catastrophe at the end of harrowing pain or sorrow.

Michael Card, (praise God for his birth, talent, and conversion) has something significant to say about this common experience of mine and many others. Watch his video and pass it on to other souls looking for the heart of worship. Thanks to my friend Ann Voskamp for pointing me in the direction of the video.

One thought on “Lament is at the Heart of Worship

  1. I too give God the glory when times are fine…happiness and peace come easily… an old friend from our church was such a prayer warrior and you just knew if U asked him to pray he would… even when times were hard he would say Praise God…I was a baby Christian and with tears rolling down my cheeks he would say “Praise God”…Praising God through a difficult journey is hard…but is His message to us that He is with us through all journeys we go through. That brother in Christ is in heaven I know still praising God…all the day long as he praised Him here on earth…I think of him and what he said many times…thanks for helping me today to remember my brother in Christ and my Lord

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