The Music of the Heart of God?

Friday is for Heart Songs

Music 1music 2






A man reading a newspaper saw a photo of birds chillin’ on electric wires laid out like sheet-music. He tried playing the birds as if they were notes. This is what it sounds like.

The delight to me is that only God knew until a man reading a newspaper was pointed by God to the thought, “the birds look like notes in a score”.

Is this the music of the heart of God for the world?

What if all the power lines erected by man were but sheet music to God, who mirthfully appoints His creation to compose the music only He can hear?

He who knows the hairs on our heads and knows every sparrow that falls (Luke 12:6-7), is He not more than capable of this? He who appoints the peoples of the earth in their dwelling places (Acts 17:26), is He not capable of appointing birds on a wire for His pleasure?

Is not He who kept the mystery of Gentiles and Jews as fellow heirs of the gospel of Christ hidden for long ages, and who now reveals that mystery in the church (Ephesians 3:4-6), is He not capable of this revelation as well?

Is He not worthy of all and more that we can give?

P.S.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if another species of bird was photographed and the melody was equally enchanting and completely different?

I think I will go on a hunt for other melodies from heaven and snap some pictures!

8 thoughts on “The Music of the Heart of God?

  1. My Dear Rebel brother,

    What I find to be quite astounding is that an Infinite God would allow us insight into His thoughts and feelings.

    He communicated to us through Divinely Inspired authors that have given us a portal so that we have the privilege of gazing upon many great portraits of His heart.

    He has come down in human flesh and revealed Himself so that we can know Him intimately. Who would have ever imagined God and man intimate in relationship? Through His Incarnation He has shown us He is “full of grace and truth.”

    Then shocking to the point of staggering one’s soul is that God would come make His home in the likes of you and me through His Spirit.

    He has revealed to us more about Himself than our human minds and hearts have capacity to receive.

    Knowing God is an eternity of knowing Him more and never coming to an end of knowing.

    Thanks my brother Marty for loving our God and letting us know of that love.

    In God’s fresh mercy,



    1. Steve,

      It is amazing isn’t it?

      It is an infinite wonder that we will be plumbing for all eternity, “that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself.”

      Love so amazing, love so divine, demands my life, my all.


  2. This is beautiful, thank you!

    I believe that all creation praises Him, in one way or another. Even the stones can cry out, as Jesus said in Luke 19:37-40. Psalm 22:3 says, God inhabits praises.

    We have voices to praise Him, yet many times we remain silent, although He is worthy of our constant praise. We should pray for our spiritual eyes and ears to be opened, to hear and see more revelations of how God’s creation praises Him. And add our voices to the chorus.


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