Solicitation, Drug Bust, Teenage Driver accosts Tree: All in a Day’s Work

A few years ago:

Back from 8 hours with the Vernon Hills Police Department doing a ride-a-long as a part of their Citizen Police Academy class. It was a good experience. My officer was pleasant and helpful. She took the time to tell me what was going on and didn’t grow noticeable tired with all of my questions.

The morning was fairly boring, she said so too, but things “picked up” in the afternoon.  One man was detained  for solicitation and possession of illegal drugs. A teenage girl, 18, ran her mother’s car into a very immovable tree (her car bounced back five feet away from the tree!), leaving her dazed and headed to the hospital for examination for a possible concussion. Those were the big events but there are back stories to everything and tidbits of information garnered throughout the day would be invaluable for a pastor seeking to penetrate the community with the gospel.

  • Pray for Justin, who needs to leave his drugs and stupid choices behind and flee to Jesus.
  • Pray for K., who is depressed and overly medicated and needs the comfort of Jesus.
  • Pray for L., an overwhelmed mother without a car, a husband, or a clear path to take with her daughter. She has recently begun attending a church whose pastors I trained as church planters years ago.  (Thank you God for the opportunity to train church planters.)
  • Pray for officers who are doing their job in the sweltering heat of summer and trying to serve the community.
  • Pray for me, who also needs Jesus and wants to be faithful to the God who rescues basket-cases like me and gives them a “future and a hope.”

I would encourage every pastor in America to do this once or twice a year.

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