News for the Politically and Culturally Engaged

I have recently updated a couple of old blogs with new looks and content you might want to visit. is the blog I use to post articles and likes to worthy thoughts of others on the intersection of Christian worldview and political/cultural engagement.  Frequent “contributors” include, Chuck Colson, Mark Easley, a host of TownHall columnists, Kairos Journal articles, World Magazine, movie reviews, and other more surprising sources. I make some introductions to the articles and then post them on the site. (Updated about 4 times a week)

VoteforJesus.blogspot. com is a devotional I wrote for the last national election. It follows the book of Proverbs and includes a 31 day devotion each of which follows the pattern of 1) Scripture, 2) Commentary, 3) Prayer, 4) Questions for reflection, and 5) A voting oddity anecdote about the difference one vote made in an election. Beginning July 1, I am reposting the 2008 posts with slight updating and editing. (Updated daily in July)

Enjoy.  All for now. I have to work on a paper and a message.

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