Revisiting the Past for a Better Future

Had a number of conversations at the Evangelical Free Church National Conference which made me want to re-offer a previous post:

Here’s the Title as a link;

MacArthur and Osteen are Pastors of the Same Style Church

and a companion link:

Attractional Churches Create Barriers to Ministry

6 thoughts on “Revisiting the Past for a Better Future

  1. As a former efree pastor I am curious about that dialogue I’m the efree church. Is this being discussed informally?


    1. Matt,

      This is my perspective. If it is being discussed in the Free Church at any national level it is only because of a conversation I had with someone. I would not say that this is the perspective of most or even many. Honestly, I don’t think most pastors in America (Free or otherwise) have ever stepped back to analyze the situation.

      And again, I don’t have a methodological axe to grind. I’m just making an observation that seems to make sense. Where do you minister now?



  2. BGC – Newburgh, IN –

    U have mentioned Rohrmayer b4 and he helped us as we shifted from a small incarnational group that felt we were failing “missionally”. It’s been a challenge bc that model felt so attractional it really stretched the leadership and we’ve had to continually wrestle with any place of attractional model elements and all that. But mixing them has been helpful in our cultural context.


    1. Great. Gary is a good man. Any time or way I can help, let me know. I have a group of guys I am mentoring (6) who meet (generally) on second Tuesday’s of the month from 10-12 with lunch as an option if guys have time.

      They are all in your boat–trying to figure out incarnational ministry, missional effectiveness and what parts of “attractional” are helpful. Blessings.



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