Snoring Bus-Mates, and a Grandmother

“Chance” Meetings on a Greyhound Bus”*

In front of me, one seat up, I could touch his head without stretching my arm, sleeps a round and gentle Hispanic man with jet black hair and a blue and white stripped dress shirt. He is out.

Serenely dreaming of what only God knows, the sounds erupting from his massive and, I imagine, wide open mouth, evoke memories I have of the Discovery Channel—-Animal Planet, I think, probably the Walrus special. He is highly entertaining. A smile from the person across from me indicates I am not the only one being entertained.

The conference I was going to was in Columbus, OH and my budget was tight, and my wife needed the car, so tonight, as we roll down an Ohio highway in my first Greyhound bus trip in 30 years, my-one-seat-away bus mate entertains my spirit. Somewhere in Indiana, his loving wife sleeps peacefully in his absence. Here, I am wide awake, enjoying an array of sounds that I previously would have thought impossible. Yet here they are, coming from a sleeping man made in the image and likeness of God.

I pray for his soul and for all of my fellow-bus-mates. All of them oblivious that here under this dim seat light sits a man adopted into a Royal family and made an heir of unspeakable glory because of  the atoning sacrifice of the Resurrected One. My best deeds are filthy rags and yet I sit here redeemed by the King of the Land, an heir to unspeakable glory, praying for them—that they too might be given the grace that leads to repentance and glory.

Pray for Francis, a black woman in her late 70’s, going to North Carolina for a family reunion. I had opportunity to love on her and care for her in Jesus name for the trip from Chicago to Indianapolis where we parted ways. I gave her a copy of my book and a kiss on the cheek (she asked). Pray that before she draws her last breath, Jesus becomes precious to her. Pray that a Christian near to her would be bold to proclaim the gospel.

* there are no “chance” meetings in a world with a sovereign God.


  • Be aware of the needs of people around you.
  • Do good in “Jesus name”.
  • When there is no time or real opportunity to share the gospel, pray that people’s hearts would be softened toward Christ and that Christian friends who know them would be bold to share the gospel.
  • Leave the results to God.

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