Prayer for Men Who Want to Change the World

Three of the Six Guys in the Church Planting Mentor Group

Today was the first meeting of the what I am calling the Church Planting Rebel ONE mentor group. These men have some great stories to tell and great hearts for God. In the coming weeks you will hear more about them both here on the blog, and if you are on our partner in ministry list, in our monthly update.

But tonight I just wanted to introduce you to six guys who I believe are going to make a real difference for Christ. Pictured to the right are three of the six men (l to r) Bill Rowe, Tony Nord, Steve Kim) Not pictured, Christopher Stukenberg, Clarence Mathews, and Samuel Hrajumar.

  1. Bill Rowe —planting a church in Aurora, IL
  2. Tony Nord —future church planter, interning at THE SANCTUARY (the new church we are planting in Mundelein/ Vernon Hills
  3. Steve Kim —planting a new church in Buffalo Grove, IL
  4. Christopher Stukenberg —currently a youth pastor in Milwaukee, WI, hoping to plant in about two years in North East Milwaukee
  5. Clarence Matthews —planting a church in Lisle, IL
  6. Samuel Hrajumar —PhD. student at TEDS, will be a house church planter with THE SANCTUARY and eventually return to India to train church planters in both church planting and theology

Pray for these men and others like them. All of them want to plant churches that multiply, churches that reach the lost, churches filled with passionate new believers in Jesus Christ.

Estimates are that because of population trends, shifts and church die-offs, North America* will need 700,000 new churches over the next 40 years.  Read that last sentence again. That’s right. 700,000 new churches to keep up with the need to take the gospel to the next generation. Men like these are the future of the church. They need your prayers, earnest prayers for their lives and the fruit of their labor to bring great glory to Christ. Will you lift them up.

*North America = Canada, United States, and English speaking Caribbean nations and islands.

2 thoughts on “Prayer for Men Who Want to Change the World

  1. Thanks, Marty! Solid, practical and Spirit-driven cousel here. Helps me zero in on the nuts and bolts of leading our church plant with priority on honoring our Lord and His agenda. Great to hear how the Lord is guiding the vision of our brothers, too. Time with Marty and these churh planters is time well-invested.


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