National Strategy Session for North American Church Planting

Got back last night from a 3 day meeting in Arkansas of the Dynamic Church Planting International North American World Zone Leadership team.  It was a time of prayer, fellowship and strategic planning for the task playing a strategic role in the planting of 700,000 churches over the next 40 years that missiologists are saying will be needed to replace dying churches and reach expanding populations in North America.

Most likely, I will be dead when this vision is realized. So will almost everyone in the room for the last 3 days.

Leaders from at least six different denominations laughed, cried, prayed, fellowshipped, commissioned, reflected and planned and God was present in our midst, drawing close to those who had gathered in His name. It was a rich time.

I asked for your prayers and so I wanted to give this brief report. You should be filled with joy to know that the number one goal that all the men in the room agreed to was the need for significant reformulation and effort in giving the ministries of prayer for workers and prayer for the lost great prominence.

To a man, the one agenda pushed was that we seek the agenda of God. We must be convinced that every goal we set is something we sense God is leading us to, not just a great idea formulated by some creative men in a room. I was humbled to be in the room with such men. Sam Douglass, the North American World Zone leader for DCPI is God’s man for this hour and I am delighted to call him my friend.

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