The Best Devotional Writer of Our Time

Wednesday is for Prayer

A Holy Experience

Ann VoskampIf you have never visited the site, I want to offer you a glimpse into a truly great writer for our time.

Ann Voskamp is an artist. She is an artist with words, with a camera, with music selection, but most of all she is an artist because her heart is attuned to the heart of God. Great theology, an exalted Christology, an honesty that refreshes and points the heart to glory.

The rhythms of her prose is so precise, so finely crafted that your soul will soar to the throne of  grace. I commend her to you.

Read whatever she writes out loud. Read it to the music that accompanies her blog. Read it to the rhythm of that music and feel and experience prose become poetry. Your spirit will be watered with her theology, her vision and her insight. You can read her daily offerings of praise to God at

Her perspective will motivate you to prayer and transcendent worship of the living God.

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