Live a Christ Focused Life

I’ve been away participating in a retreat up in Wisconsin for the weekend. It was a great time to get away and devote the moments to seeking intimacy with God. Made some new friends, but now I’m exhausted from having not slept very well for three days. Maybe I’ll post some weekend readings later.

My friend Rich Kraft gave the following perspective at the retreat: “We live in a Christ context but we don’t live in a Christ focus.” The more we prayed (the retreat participants) both individually and corporately, the more we talked, the more we meditated on that phrase and what the Scripture calls us to, the more profoundly true it appeared. I’ll write about it in the future. Too tired to even think right now.

2 thoughts on “Live a Christ Focused Life

  1. Yes, yes, yes. That was a big take-home. I appreciated your devotional on Sunday, too–especially your statement about how we can spend the whole day dwelling in the presence of the Lord.
    It was a great weekend!


  2. Tyler, great to meet you and your bride. Great job leading worship all weekend. Hope you get a chance to jump around the blog a bit. You might go to the Tag cloud in the left hand column and find a topic or two that interests you.

    Stay in touch brother.


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