Still more weekend reading quotes

Missional Leadership

“Church planting is worthwhile only if it advances God’s kingdom–God’s area of reign in human hearts here on earth. When men and women are made into a ‘new creation’ (2 Corinthians 5;17), it happens through a spiritual conversion. Thus one way the kingdom is advanced is when new converts are made. Church planting has kingdom value only when it is focused on reaching the unchurched.”  —Viral Churches, p. 34

“It is very possible to plant  a church but not enlarge God’s kingdom or to limit Satan’s domain. Churches based on worship preferences and musical styles, or built around celebrities within the Church subculture, reinforce consumerism and promote church shopping among those who are already believers.”  —Viral Churches, p. 34

“To truly reach our world, churches need to multiply among every thin slice of society; suburban, urban, rural, cowboy, artistic, senior adult, collegiate–and on the list goes. These groups each have their own language, culture, values, and perspectives.”  —Viral Churches, p. 36

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