Missional Musings on Intensely Local Ministry

New Observations on Intensely Local Ministry

  1. Intensely local ministry is an investment and investments take time to compound and grow. —financial investments take time to grow and so do relational and ministry investments. At first, the payoff for investing seems slow and puny. But like the twenty-year-old who invest $100 a month for 45 years and finds that their total investment of $54,000 yields between $137,136 and $251,661 by age 65*, so too the investments we make in our neighborhoods in an intensely local fashion, yields results far beyond what we might expect.

  2. Intensely local ministry gets just as far as “normal” ministry without the Spirit of God and prayer–nowhere. –intensely local ministry without the Spirit and prayer is just as powerless as any other type of ministry. If we don’t realize this, we will just be using new methods. New is just new. That’s all. What we need is better, but better empowered by the supernatural power of God.

  3. Intensely local ministry is not individual but communal in nature. –to maximize impact, intensely local ministry must be more than just individuals acting alone. The world needs to see how much we, in the body of Christ love one another. One of the best contexts for this is seeing us shoulder to shoulder serving in local neighborhood projects.

  4. Intensely local ministry is, patient, kind, and verbal. —It’s not enough to do good things. We must tell the good news. We must be patient, gracious, kind, tenderhearted, warm, winsome, friendly, helpful, longsuffering, thick-skinned, but we are not faithful if we do not look for, pray for, and actively seek to be verbal concerning the supremacy of Christ in our lives and his call to all men to repent and believe the gospel (Mark 1:14-15)

  5. Intensely local ministry means more than relationship building activity. But it is not less. —Jesus talked to people. It is that simple. All of his action, all of his miracles, they were always accompanied with words that pointed his audience, large and small, crowds and individuals to the truth and the God of truth.

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* based on interest rates of between 3.5 to 5.5 compounded daily.

One thought on “Missional Musings on Intensely Local Ministry

  1. This one came in through facebook:

    Mark Overmyer
    May 10, 2010 at 5:51pm

    Marty, Had a look at the blog – I really like where you are tracking with The Sanctuary folks. ‘intensely local’ will likely make its way into my vocab. I’ve been using ‘rhythm’ already to talk about the nature of church gathered and scattered.

    To answer the question above, I have to say that the biggest challenge is to overcome the pattern of doing discipleship as another task and realize that I can only reproduce what I am. I can only export what’s already in me. I hear recently the illustration of the pitcher (Jesus), the cup (me), the saucer (my family), and the plate (my ministry). This “FLOW” of things is becoming more the norm for me than ever before. And this has been the recent challenge to live in such a way that all ministry is overflow from current realities taking place in me/my family. Too much of ministry for too long for me has been about DOING missional things or executing disciplemaking maneuvers. The “driver’s seat” video on your site says it in a cool way: “I don’t have anything in myself to offer other than Jesus.”


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