A few more quotes from my weekend reading

Helping Leaders to Think Missionally

“Leaders have followers. Managers have employees.
Managers make widgets. Leaders make change.”  —Seth Godin, Tribes, p. 15

“The organizations of the future are filled with smart, fast, flexible people on a mission.” —Seth Godin, p. 41

“People feel included when they are listened to, their concerns are addressed and their worth is recognized. … Ideally, in the emerging church there are no passive consumers because all are involved.”  —Eddie Gibbs, Leadership Next: Changing Leadership in a Changing Culture, p. 171

“One Bible teacher equates prayer with our drawing closer to Christ. He asked, ‘If we throw a boathook to the shore in order to close the distance, would anyone be so foolish as to propose that we are pulling the shore to the boat?’ Christ is always present with those who are citizens of the kingdom, but the experiential reality of that presence costs us dearly. The shore is always in the same place. But nearness to the shore is a sea whose currents are constantly pulling us from it depends on the exercise of our wills and meeting the cost of that presence.”—Larry Poland, Rise to Conquer, p.  77-78

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