Quotes from My Weekend Reading

Quotes from Rise to Conquer by Larry Poland
and Church Unique, by Will Mancini

“You won’t do ministry that really matter until you define what matters.” –Aubrey Malphurs, in Church Unique, p. 128

“Our failure to offer a basic framework of spiritual formation has left people awash in fragments of spiritual truth, missing an integrated vision for following Christ.” –Mancini, p. 155

“Missional leadership will require skills in evoking a language about the church that reshapes its understanding on its purpose and practices.” –Darrell Guder, in Church Unique, 164

“People do not follow your compelling page dumps; they follow you! The vision cannot be separated from the vision caster, and the vision caster cannot separate his message from his life as a model.” –Mancini, p. 170

“The missional leader understands that the journey is changing and unpredictable.” –Mancini, p. 174

“‘Solo Jesus Hace Un Hombre Nuevo.‘ Only Jesus makes a man new.” –Larry Poland, 21

“Some men look at what is and say, ‘Why?’ I look at what could be and say, ‘Why not?'” –Larry Poland quoting George Bernard Shaw in Rise to Conquer, p. 31  [This is the mindset of a church planter and missional leader who knows he has the power of the Holy Spirit and the authority of Christ to make disciples everywhere.]

2 thoughts on “Quotes from My Weekend Reading

  1. Thanks for quoting Church Unique, Marty. You have done a nice job with your blog. For more info on church related stuff you may want to check out willmancini.com. Keep up the great work for radical church planting!


    1. No problem. thanks for the visit and encouragement. I love your book by the way and have started to recommend it to my students and the pastors I mentor.

      Aside: I’m from Philly, root for Penn State, came to faith thru CCC and was on staff with CCC for 15 years. I find a lot of resonance with your perspective.

      God’s best to you and for your ministry.


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