Preachers and Books: Who will be around?

Tuesday is for Preaching

My buddy Ed Stetzer is having a great discussion over at his blog on most influential pastors of the last 25 years. It is amazing the diversity in the list of preachers. And since the question was simply “who is most influential” without distinction as to whether or not that influence was positive or negative, some of the people being suggested are pretty sketchy. But it got me thinking.

If Jesus does not return for another 300 years, what preacher/writers living today would still be read?

So I am asking a pretty specific question.

  1. They have to be preachers.
  2. They have to be writers.
  3. And they have to be living today.
  4. Three hundred years from now, if Jesus tarries that long, who would still be worth reading for the nurture of  the Christian soul?

First on my list would be John Piper.

5 thoughts on “Preachers and Books: Who will be around?

  1. After more thought, I need to add:

    3. J.I Packer
    4. John Stott

    The rankings are based on their impact on my life and ministry


  2. John, I like your four. J.I.Packer and Dallas Willard in particular. Packer’s writing is timeless. Dallas Willard’s spiritual disciplines books and reflections will stand the test of time.


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