To My Visitors

More Weekend Musings

I am privileged to have you come and visit and interact with the thoughts and community you find here. Many of you have left comments and are following the conversation that ensues. But most people who visit blogs do not leave comments which is fine. But I want to encourage more of you to do three things. The third thing I will mention is the most important.

  1. Try to leave a comment. The body of Christ, including the portion of the body that reads this blog needs your input. We are members one of another, the Scripture says, and that means that all of you have something to contribute. Since the beginning of the year there have been almost 3,500 visits to the blog but only about 230 comments. I wonder how many great thoughts were left at your keyboard that might have helped one or dozens of the visitors to the blog.
  2. Rate the blog post you visit.  If its muddy in it thinking and obtuse in it application, give it a one star. If the post you read was helpful to you or got you thinking about something you had never considered, rate it higher. This will help me to know if there are themes and issues that resonate with what is going on in the spirit’s of my readers.
  3. Think. Pray. Do. Think about what you have read in a post or in the thread of comments in the conversation that follows. Pray over what you have read and do something that helps make the whole exercise productive in your walk and service to God.

Hopefully, we can avoid the Athenian problem [Acts 17:21 … “Now all the Athenians and the foreigners who lived there would spend their time in nothing except telling or hearing something new.” (ESV) ]  I’m not interested in just talking about things. I want to change lives.

And if there is something that you would like to talk about offline or set up an appointment to talk about missional leadership, evangelistic impact, cultural engagement from a Christian worldview, church planting, … e-mail me at and we can sit down over a cup of coffee and dream some dreams together for God and his kingdom.

One thought on “To My Visitors

  1. I talked to an aquaintance this weekend; an older man on Navigator’s staff. In his private, non-Navigator, personal ministry he has practiced what he calls life-to-life discipleship. If he goes golfing or plays tennis or watches Monday Night Football he does it with a non-christian neighbor. He invites men to study the Bible with him surrounding whatever life issues the person is experiencing.

    Sometimes it takes a couple of years to get someone to study the Bible with him but he is a little persistent. I think this is a method of discipleship and evangelism that can fit every life and should be priority one in the church. Perhaps this is what you are saying and I’m just now getting it. They would learn to do it this way through a life-to-life discipleship process with a more experienced believer. Are you going to Cardinal Fitness to work out? Find someone to do it with.

    If this doesn’t gain traction in a person’s life then perhaps have misunderstood the kindness and riches of God or misunderstood the nature of a personal relationship with God or misunderstood the ground of their acceptance before God. There may be other reasons but these are the three big ones that kept me off from experiencing God’s kindness and riches in any kind of meaningful way.


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