I Became a Senior Pastor Today

After years of avoiding the term, I can avoid it no longer; I am officially a Senior Pastor.

When I planted New Song Church, I had the title of Church Planting Pastor, that morphed into Founding Pastor, which morphed into Teaching Pastor, and then Pastor for Preaching.

Now that I am planting Communitas, a cluster of house churches in the Chicago area, I have taken the title “Pastor for Church Planting.”

But today, I can avoid it no more; I turn 55 years of age and officially am now a Senior Pastor. I avoided it for years but now I’m embracing the perks of being a Senior Pastor, like Senior’s Day at the golf course and senior coffee at MacDonalds!

Seriously, it is sobering to realize that there is less sand in the top of the hour glass and the need to use my time wisely is even more prominent in my heart. Pray with me that whatever time God gives me, one or forty years, I would finish strong and use the whole of life to bring glory and honor to God.

To turn 55 between Good Friday and Easter is wonderful thing.  Have a great Easter celebrating the hope of the resurrection and the joy of forgiveness.

5 thoughts on “I Became a Senior Pastor Today

    1. Hey Matt. Thanks and good to hear from you. Don’t know if you noticed but you are in my links on the blog. Hopefully, we can send some traffic your way. Going to national conference this year?


  1. Marty,
    Happy 55th Birthday! Time flies when you’re doing the Lord’s will and enjoying it! I pray for abundant blessing for you during the coming year as you plant The Sanctuary in Vernon Hills/Mundelein and continue to bring as many as possible into a saving relationship with Jesus. Your passion is like a blazing wild fire that spreads quickly and encourages many. May our Lord expand your boundaries, continue to give you abundant life in body, mind and soul, help you to do His will and protect you.
    Love and Prayers,


  2. Happy Birthday, Pastor Marty! I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry and I will be praying for you and your family. Bless you today! You are an inspiration to many!


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