Praying for Words that Harvest Peace

Wednesday is for Prayer

Ever felt like you needed to relearn something basic? I do.

Frankly, when it comes to prayer, I feel like I am always relearning something I have forgotten. I never feel like I have a handle on prayer. So here’s my new, 639th effort to learn about prayer experientially. I’m going to take the remainder of the year’s reading of the Bible trying to ask the question and apply the answer I get to what prayer looks like in the Jesus Life.

Join me if you want, but the train is leaving the station. I’m in the book of James in the New Testament and Deuteronomy in the Old. Today’s observation comes from James 3-5.

The Jesus Way is a path of right words for right occasions. Therefore, I ought to be praying that God would sweeten my speech with both beauty and wisdom.

  • My words need to be fresh spring water to people (James 3:11-12).
  • My words need to not set destructive blazes in life or the blogosphere (James 3:5-10)
  • My words are to be a blessing to others (James 3:9-10)
  • My words should yield a harvest of peace in relationships (James 3:18)

“Prince of Peace, would you make me a man whose words bring peace to contentious battle fields. Make me a man whose words grant extravagant grace to combatants. You are the source of living water. Would you make me a conduit through which Your living water would flow to all I know and will know through the words of my mouth. Make the meditation of my heart such that at any time, the overflow of my lips brings blessing rather than destruction. Without you I can do nothing Lord. I am counting on you to do miracles. It is for your greater glory that I ask it. It is because of the majesty of your name that I desire it. Amen.”

One thought on “Praying for Words that Harvest Peace

  1. Your words are always a blessing to me. And I am always encouraged by your honesty and openness in sharing your struggle as a fellow disciple. I join my prayer with yours that our Lord will use you to speak words of grace, healing, unity and encouragement to yield an overflowing Harvest of Peace.


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