Measuring Our Passion for the Lost

Wednesday is for Prayer

I don’t want this blog to be about politics.  But the healthcare debate raised some important issues about the state of our hearts in the body of Christ.  I’m one who thinks the nation has taken a significant miss-step in the healthcare bill just passed. I have friends that disagree. They think it is a picture of the nation coming of age in regard to responsibility for the poor.

Let’s leave those issues for my other blog (

But here’s a test for both sides of the debate.

Have you been more agitated by the debate over healthcare than you have about the people around you who need not only the gospel’s transformative influence on culture but the gospel message itself?  Have you prayed more for the healthcare bill’s defeat or success than you have for your opportunities to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God and the need for repentance and faith in Christ?

Do you pray with any passion for your neighbors soul? Do you care in any tangible way for the sorrow and pains of their experience? Do you pray and act toward them on the basis of your faith? Are you more agitated about losing personal freedom than you are that your neighbor might be heading for a Christ-less eternity? For me these are convicting questions. Questions that are forcing me to reflect on the shallowness of my own soul and which in turn forces me to my knees in prayer and repentance. Join me.

Let’s ask the Lord of the harvest to inflame our hearts with a passion for people, soul and body, now and for eternity.

Join the 10:2 Virus.

What is that?  All around the world people are setting their alarms and watches and smart phones and PDAs, stopping at 10:02 AM to pray Luke 10:2. Look it up and then do it. And then become part of the answer to your own prayer.

4 thoughts on “Measuring Our Passion for the Lost

  1. Excellent point and maybe that will help give me a little perspective on the subject. However, now I’m not only depressed over the huge healthcare takeover, I’m depressed at my degree of agitation about it. 🙂


  2. I am with you regarding the repenting, praying and harvesting more. You are putting up some challenging blogs. I especially liked your blog on cultural issues. More good insights.

    Lord of the harvest, inflame our hearts with a passion for people, soul and body, now and for eternity. Send your Holy Spirit to empower the Christians of the world to be salt, light and leaven to achieve a more equitable distribution of wealth with a minimum of government intervention so that all may prosper and live with integrity and have access to healthy food, water, shelter and care. We are One Human Family with one Heavenly Father, one Savior, one Holy Spirit to lead and empower us.

    Inequality is not just bad for social justice, it is also bad for economic efficiency — Growth with equity is good for the poor, Oxfam, June 2000 and I might add for everyone else as well.

    According to, at a poverty line of $1.25 a day,
    1.4 billion people live at this poverty line or below. 162 million live on 50 cents a day or less.

    Lord of the Harvest, send out more laborers to evangelize and disciple the billions ripe for harvest to be salt, light and leaven and change our world according to your plan. In Jesus name, I pray.


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