Longing for Holiness

CS Lewis The Great DivorceJust spent some time in Borders while I was exiled from my house because of a potential buyer looking it over.

I was accompanied by my daughter and my old copy of C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce, which has nothing to do with divorce but instead considers an imaginary bus ride from the edges of hell to the edges of heaven.

Finished the book, moments before my wife called to say that the potential buyers never showed and it was now safe to come home.  I want the house to sell.  I want to move to the new community to which God is calling us.  I should have been disappointed, and I was, but only for my wife who had worked so hard to get the house ready for viewing.

My greater attention was still centered in Lewis’ last pages that had succeeded in putting me in tears of longing.

Daughter (Aubre) is keenly tuned to my spirit at times and as we step out into the rain from Borders asks, “what are you thinking?”

Not wanting to be a blubbering fool, not sure that I could sort through the cascade of thoughts tumbling over the blisters in my own heart, I tried to stall. I wasn’t sure I could articulate it.  (Still not sure.) But the question comes again.  “What are you thinking?”, in the tone of concern from the daughter I treasure.

“I’m thinking about heaven.  I’m thinking about holiness.  I’m thinking about wanting to be holy.  I’m thinking about not wanting to be a goat, wanting to be a sheep, not wanting to be left out of the book, of wanting to be with Jesus, of being terrified that after preaching to others, He might say, ‘depart from me; I never knew you,’ of being cast out, of loving this world too much and God too little.”

Can one book be that powerful?

Yes. Yes. Yes!

If you have never read Lewis’ book, I urge you to read it. If you have read it, I urge you to read it again.  Don’t be in a hurry.  Give it your attention.  Let Lewis remind you again through the medium of a bus ride from the regions of hell to the outskirts of heaven, that Jesus is worth everything.

Give me Jesus.

Update:  It was a long ordeal but the house sold, another was purchased and now we are looking to sell it. Pray that the house would sell and a new home in a new community could be purchased. I am still longing for and delighting in Jesus.

Give me Jesus.
In the morning when I rise,
Give me Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Longing for Holiness

  1. This was tender writing. I too love C.S. Lewis!
    He was a tremendous writer…and so are you. Isn’t it wonderful to have a family? I would love for you to watch an utube I put on my blog…Hello My Name is Hope. I cry every time!

    With a cascade of thoughts
    All centered around Jesus
    I searched within my heart
    And thrilled, how He loves us


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