Parables Still Teach Very Well

It doesn’t matter if your are a pastor or member of a traditional church or the pastor or member of a house church, this video developed with Francis Chan is a great example of  what a growing number of missiologists and thinkers are beginning to wrestle with.  It captures what we are trying to discover at The Sanctuary (see: in Vernon Hills/Mundelein.  Enjoy and pray about the message of The Big Red Tractor.

Unstoppable vs Stoppable.

I’m going to save the new topic for Monday.

5 thoughts on “Parables Still Teach Very Well

  1. Excellent parable, illustrating the need to study and understand the “owner’s manual” and then to use the power of the Holy Spirit to increase the harvest so that there is plenty to feed other villages. I tend to think today’s church in many ways is putting more faith in governments, armies and secular institutions to do what God intended for the church. Thanks for the challenging parable.


  2. I agree Paul.

    “Some boast in chariots, some boast in horses, but we will boast in the Lord our God” [Psalm 20:7] ought to be the cry of the Christian.

    The early Chirstians trusted in the Holy Spirit to direct the work in ways that feel so astoundingly foreign to our western ways of thinking.


  3. Brought over from Facebook:

    Steve Erickson (former student)
    Marty, I just returned from another personal prayer retreat. I have made this a quarterly practice since I took your Church Planting Classes at TEDS. I learned a ton from you, but the Personal Prayer Retreat is definitely the most valuable.

    Thanks for urging it upon me. Let this be an encouragement to you to continue to… press your students and future Church Planters to make this a regular practice in their lives and ministries.

    God is leading us to plant a radical alternative Mobile Church in our region. I am psyched for what the LORD is doing.

      Comment ·Marty Schoenleber Jr
      Thanks for the update and the encouragement brother. If that is the only thing people learn in my class, it wouldn’t be bad. GO AWAY AND HEAR FROM GOD.

    Yes, let’s get away with our Bibles and pray and ask God to speak to us and empower us to be bold proclaimers fo the gospel.


  4. Also from Facebook:
    Mike Gregoire said:
    … a perfect Parable about the Church. Yes it takes all kinds of people to run the Church but it is the Spritual side of the church where everything happens. Without that the Church will fall and we cannot let that happen.


  5. As I reflect more on this parable and our follow-up comments, I am reminded of a recent preacher’s challenge to pray and make sure we are doing what God wants us to do. We might be doing a lot of good biblical activities, but not be doing what God wants us to do. As the preacher put it, a type of unintentionally missing the mark due to lack of experience or being lax. How do we effectively discern if God wants us planting house churches, serving in the local community church, being itinerant evangelists, working with the poor being the hands and feet of Christ, working with teens or adults, or whatever? This is one area I tend to struggle with at times. Where and what does God want me to be doing at this time in my life? Of course, it starts with getting away to pray and listen to the voice of God as encouraged by Steve Erickson. But then after that, what are some of the means to know I have heard what God wants to do versus heard what I might want to do? I apologize if this is off topic. Maybe the question is: “Once I figure out how to get the tractor running, how do I know which field God wants me to plow?”


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