Investments that Truly Change the World

Thursday is for Discipleship

Heard from a former student, now planting gospel truths in a Michigan community that he delights in. New life grows in his new wife’s belly and new life grows in the community because of his faithfulness to proclaim truth.

A colleague and twenty-something leader e-mailed saying a conversation we had was helpful to him. Later this week, I will get to meet with another, and in two weeks have a class of twenty-something leaders to influence for the gospel. What an incredible honor and privilege it is to work with such men  and to be a small part of training them to change the world for the Savior who ever lives.

This is what this blog and the website are all about. Pray that God would continue to open doors to train hundreds of church planters before the Lord Jesus calls me home to be with Him.  What a day that will be for all of us.

The gospel is so good, good news. Changing me, changing the world one heart, one persons at a time. It is a treasure we hold in our earthen jar of clay for a speck of eternity’s whole.

Only one life to live, twill soon be past
Only what’s done for Christ will last.

Let’s make it count. Every breath of it.

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