A Picture of a Future Church

Rooted In CommunityAdapted from a great Sovereign Grace Church, here is a statement describing the church that will gather together for the first time in January 2014. Pray for it.  And if you know someone who needs to hear the gospel in South Newton County, IN, get their names to us and we will share the gospel with them.

Communitas at Trinity Church

Living our Lives Together for Our Neighbors and the Glory of Our God

Communitas is Latin for “Community.” Our vision speaks to the goal and flavor of our fellowship. We are connected to ancient patterns of church life but we are recognizably contemporary. We aim to be saturated with Jesus, the Bible, love for one another and love for our neighbor, not just as individuals but as a community of brothers and sisters.

Sometimes, to see real change in our lives we have to interrupt one rhythm of life with a new rhythm.  Recovering addicts know this and in our Communitas, we are learning it too. There is a rhythm of life in the Communitas of our church family.

We meet together in smaller gatherings (which we un-creatively call “community churches”) to pursue biblical fellowship in a more intimate setting. And then we meet in a large Sunday Gathering where we celebrate the God of the gospel.

That’s our rhythm: small gatherings and large gathering; intimacy and transcendence; And it’s our rhythm of life because we believe it’s a biblical way to live life together. It’s a rhythm of glory and joy—joy for us and glory for our God.

This smaller, more intimate form of biblical fellowship involves the following:

  • A common meal and the Lord’s Supper
  • Pastoral care, biblical counseling, and prayer
  • Encouragement, accountability, and community driven pursuit of sanctification
  • The fight of faith, service, and the use of our spiritual gifts
  • The passionate pursuit of loving and serving our neighbors

Our churches meet each week on various days of the week and in various places from  Sheldon in IL, to Brook, Goodland and Kentland in IN.

We are young and old, and black and white, and learning to struggle well with the darkness inside us. We are hungry to learn and eager to apply the truth of life in Christ. Come and add your spiritual journey to ours. Together, we are changing the world, one person, one neighborhood at a time, and one town at a time.

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