Update Chart on Small Groups and House Churches

Here is the super-duper, expanded, fully revised, expanded edition of the updated chart with new insights from our online discussion.

This continues the discussion thread from three days ago that can be accessed here.

Small Groups  vs.  House Churches

Small Groups
(as generally expressed in our churches)

House Churches
(as leaders and members express

their intentions)

Generally defined by  affinity
Generally defined by geography
Subgroup of larger
worshiping community
House church is the
worshiping community
Has to get permissions
(i.e. to practice ordinances, select content, etc.)
Has authority to decide
(to practice ordinances,
select content, etc.)
Limited in time
Continuous over time
Contractual community
Covenanted community
A slice of something larger
The whole pie
Usually centered on single
felt need or topic
Wholistic, dealing with the whole
of life as it happens
More content or leader dominated
More participative for all
with leadership distributed
A few involved
in pastoral care
Entire body takes on responsibility for teaching, care and correction
(Fears the “pooling of ignorance”)
(Fears the “stifling of gifts
and creativity)
Pastors and leaders  “Doing”
Whole body involved in “Doing”
Focused on addition
(adding to the group)
Focused on multiplication
(adding new churches)

Below, I have attached links to two articles by and an interview of Jim Eliff.  Jim is a man I admire who has a seasoned voice on the issues raised in our discussion.

Keep planting churches for the glory of God.

“An Appeal for the Use of House Churches to Extend Sanctuary-Style Churches” 

“The House Church way of Life”

Interview with Jim Elliff

See also the complete discussion that yielded the chart at: http://chosenrebel.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/small-groups-vs-house-churches-whats-the-difference/

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