Psalm 44 and the Silence of God

Psalm 44:1-26

  1. This is what You have done for us in the past.   (1-3)       A
  2. This what we are doing now.                                      (4-8)          B
  3. Where are You God?                                                         (9-16)           C
  4. We continue to trust You now.                                  (17-22)       B
  5. This is our cry for redemption as in the past.    (23-26)    A

The whole Psalm continues my soul’s quandary.  Why are you silent, absent, seemingly uninvolved in our lives?  Why Oh God does it seem that faithful, obedient, God-honoring people seem to be abandoned by You?  In fear and trembling I ask–-but I am led to ask it by this psalm.

The heart of the psalm is in its longest section (9-16) where the sons of Korah pour out what the nation is experiencing.  They thought You had:

  • rejected them (9)
  • disgraced them
  • not led their armies (10)
  • defeated them in battle
  • caused their dead to be humiliated and defiled
  • treated them as sheep led to slaughter (11)
  • scattered them to the nations
  • sold them for no value (12)
  • made them a scorn to their neighbors (13)
  • made them into a forgotten inconsequence (14)
  • made them a laugh track for their enemies jokes
  • made them a disgrace that can’t be shed (15)

Lord, this doesn’t look like the blessing of God!  Where are You and what are You doing?

It encourages me that others have struggled with these same kind of questions (and even that You allow–even inspired such questions and searchings), but it doesn’t answer the question.  Where are You in these situations when Your people are asking questions and feeling abandoned?  Where are You when my heart languishes in a desert?

Why Do You Hide Your Face?

(part of the poetry project)

Why? How long?
Two questions.
Three interrogative words.
Empty letters.
Symbols without substance.
Why? How long?
You never answer.
Questions asked.
Logic defied.
History remembered and rehearsed.
Hands cleansed.
Pleadings spoken.
Silence. Only silence.
An abyss of silence.
Why do you hide your face?
why do you forget our affliction and oppression?
For our soul is bowed down to the dust;
our belly clings to the ground.
Rise up; come to our help!
Redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love!
You play hide and seek,
and forget the pain of our moments.
Have You lost sight of our dust?                    Selah
Rise oh God.
Rise oh God!
For the sake of Your reputation as a lover,
redeem us.

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