How to Go to Hell

And what is that “gradual way”?

It is the way of compromise.
It is the way of allowing the world to squeeze us into its mold.
It is the way of not being conformed to the image of the Son (Romans 8 and 12:1-2)
It is the way of rocky and thorny soil (Mark 4);
         the way that is not bold for the King and Kingdom (Matthew 10:33).

Here’s the shocking and sobering truth:

“It is easier to listen to passionate music,
or listen to passionate speakers,
to sing passionate songs,
to speak passionate words,
xxxxxthan to live a life of passionate love and service to Christ.”

Let’s remember that.
And let’s pray every day that we don’t take the gradual way. 

[And no, this is not about earning our salvation, it is about being faithful to our King.]

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