A Lament for Monday — Day 2

Read Psalm 60

Ticklish Rock Near Deer Lake Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Rock Formation

A Morning Lament in Time of Crisis

“O God, we feel abandoned.
We feel like Your anger with us is unrelenting.
Our country is torn open and the whole land quakes with uncertainty and fear.
We can’t survive without You.
Repair our hearts for we stagger like drunken men, like men who have lost our way.

O how we long for You
to express delight over us again.
O how we long for Your blessing and peace.

We wait impatiently for Your intervention and we are confused about Your silence.
O grant us Your help against our enemies.
Racism and injustice, hatred and anger, abound.
How can we do valiantly if you
do not tred down our foes?”

cf. Psalm 60

An Afternoon Lament for Revival

“LORD, for too long we have been silent about our sin.
We have groaned and complained,
but we have not confessed,
we have not forsaken,
we have not hated and despised
the sin that entangles us.
We have not responded to Your heavy hand upon us
in ways that stay Your hand,
and so our hope is drying up like the fever heat of summer.

But You O Lord, won’t You still be our hiding place?
If we turn and repent,
if we turn from our wickedness,
if we forsake what we have grasped,
if we despise what we have used to replace You,
won’t You turn back to us
and instruct us in the way in which we should go?

Please God, heal our land.
Make us love your shalom.
Guide us to the truth for Your name’s sake.”

cf. Psalm 32:3-4, 7-9; Psalm 60

A Evening Prayer of Lament

“Oh God, the news tonight told us
that You have not answered our prayers.
You have not yet finished
with showing us how low we have fallen.

Oh God, we cry out to You for mercy.
Even as we go to our rest O God,
we will not abandon our hope in You.
Hear us and purify us so that Your Church, Your bride,
Your blood-bought possession, Your beloved,
becomes beautiful once again.
Make us a beacon of light to a nation
that is being torn apart by its need for the gospel.”

cf. Psalm 60


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