33 Years of Joy

Steph at Arboretum 2
My Bride (Morton Arboretum about 4 years ago)

No regrets

33 years ago today, I married my West Virginia Mountaineer and have never had a regret. How God brought us together, raised 400 miles from one another, went to College 350 miles from one another, spent our early 20’s 1,500 miles from one another, and finally bringing us together in a state (Colorado) where neither of us was living at the time is miracle filled with the sovereign hand of God.

Every day with her is filled with laughter and substance, joy and seriousness, discovery and mystery, and most of all, love and forgiveness. To put it simply as I can, I would be lost without her.

Over the last two years, because of a church change, the selling of one house, the purchase of another house, and the slow journey of my brides gracious and godly mother, we have spent more time apart than together but her love has been constant and we are both glad that that season is behind us. 

She had no clue when she married me how hard it would be to love me at times, but she committed before God and 200 witnesses that it wouldn’t matter. She was committed to loving me in sickness and health, when I was easy to love (rare) and when I wasn’t (way too frequently). And she has made me a better man because of her faithfulness. She is the chief conduit of God’s grace to me and I am delighted to “show her off” wherever we go.

Today we spent a quiet day together. Enjoying just being together. We slept late. We went shopping in some new places, we took a walk, we watched the weather move in and out and dodged most of the raindrops and now we’re quietly watching the news and I am delighted that I get to turn my head and look at her bright smile. We’ve prayed together. Laughed together. Teased one another. Thought together. And tossed words to one another via Words with Friends. She’s my best friend and I hope God gives us another 33 years. 

Happy Anniversary my love. 

5 thoughts on “33 Years of Joy

  1. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless your marriage, your family, and your ministry. Our Heavenly Father works in mysterious but telling ways. We are children of the Living God.

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