Pathways to Impact

Some thoughts to motivate your care and love of your neighbors.

“It is precisely the scandal of an unbroken heart that impedes evangelism today.”

—David Shipley

“Following Jesus by forming friendships with fearless love results in fruitful service.”

—Dr. John Fuder

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

Dr. Fuders’s analysis of Matthew 4:19:

  1. “Follow”    a continuous process
  2. “Me”           a relationship with Christ is primary
  3. “and I”       it is entirely His work
  4. “will”         He will be faithful
  5. “make”      He will shape you as His messenger
  6. “you”         He wants our personal involvement
  7. “fishers”    He will give results
  8. “of men”    people reaching people


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