The Thinness of Evangelical Reflection in our Age

The “NERVOUS WEST” is A.W. Tozer’s description of the Church. We are often so occupied with trivial things and meaningless activity, even in the church, that there is little time for quiet reflection on the Scripture. Let Tozer show you a better path.

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The following quote [in blue] is from A.W. Tozer and was written 50 years ago. It might have been written yesterday. Our culture is shallow and getting shallower. If we truly want to grow in the “grace and knowledge of Christ” (2 Peter 3:18), to grow in our intimacy with Christ–like a garden–we need space, time, and the right nutrients. 

Tozer makes a powerful observation revealing how shallow our own age’s meditation and ponderings on the Scripture. We are made of weak and thin stuff in comparison. Our theological reflection, my own theological reflection, is a dim shadow compared to the image of holiness this casts.

I am convinced that the dearth of great saints in these times even among those who truly believe in Christ is due at least in part to our unwillingness to give sufficient time to the cultivation of the knowledge of God. We of the…

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