Ten Reasons You Might Need to Read this Little Book

Ten Reasons You Might Need to Read this Little Book

  1. Your passion for Christ has lost its edge.
  2. You long for revival in your own heart.
  3. You wonder if there is more to the Christian life than you are currently experiencing.
  4. You are looking for meaning and direction in life.
  5. You wonder if God has bigger plans for your life.
  6. You know that something is missing in your life but can’t put your finger on what.
  7. You desire to make a difference in the world.
  8. You have a growing suspicion that the drive to be comfortable and secure is sucking the joy out of your heart.
  9. You have sensed that you have left your first love for Christ.
  10. You really didn’t need to read all of these, #1 was enough.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to what others are saying.

The temptation to pursue a safe and easy life is pervasive. With the Bible as his guide, Marty Schoenleber shows us we weren’t meant to settle into this world, but to sojourn for Christ–no matter the cost. This is timely counter-cultural teaching.”

—Steve Burchett,
Christian Communicators Worldwide,

Order from Amazon in paperback or for Kindle readers.

Settlers or Sojourners Cover for BlogThe Church is on a rescue mission in hostile territory. Wherever in the world we sleep each night, unless we are in heaven, we are not home.

It is good to be unsettled and dissatisfied with the transience of this passing-away world and to resist our pursuit of its deterioration.

We are citizens of heaven, but our feet still walk upon the earth. We are sojourners craving to unpack our bags and settle down somewhere. But not yet. ‘Reject earthly anchors’, says Marty Schoenleber. I am homesick for the ‘celestial city’ of God and Marty has spiked my (already) hearty appetite for it in this compelling booklet.”

—David Sitton, Founder
To Every Tribe Mission

You might want to read it once a week!

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