Ours is a God Who Satisfies

Sunday Evening Musings

The glory of bread is that it satisfies. The glory of living water is that it quenches thirst. We do not honor the refreshing, self-replenishing, pure water of a mountain spring by lugging buckets of water up the path to make our contributions from the ponds below. We honor the spring by feeling thirsty, getting down on our knees, and drinking with joy.”

A Godward Life: Savoring the
Supremacy of God in All of Life

—John Piper, 23

A Godward LifeRest in Him.

Trust in Him.

Know that He is sovereign.

Love being held by Him.

Cherish the reality of belonging to Him.

And may you find Him supremely satisfying as you give yourself to Him who gave Himself for you.

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