Ends and Odds and Weekend Quotes

Sunday Musings

Forgiveness in ChineseKentland, IN
For the first time on a Sunday morning, I was able to visit our outreach in Kentland, IN. It was a good morning of sweet fellowship with some familiar faces who are bringing the gospel of Christ to the Kentland community. Everyone did a super job and it was exciting to see that the group has embraced an “all hands on deck” every-member ministry philosophy.

Everyone had a job. Everyone was involved in serving and the everyone was filled with joy in the service they gave. Pray for this “new” work. They have big plans and are passionate about reaching their neighbors for Christ.

Lunch and Kankakee
After worship, my bride and I drove to Kankakee for a date-lunch and then to the AT&T store to get a problem fixed on my phone. It is always a joy to look across the table and see the treasure of a wife that God has given to me. As we were leaving the restaurant we saw three members of our Watseka campus coming in for lunch and briefly exchanged hellos. Then, when we left the AT&T store we saw someone from the Ashkum campus. What a joy to see the body of Christ growing and expanding in both presence and influence. God is good and the good news of Christ is advancing.

Weekend Quotes from My Reading

The Importance of Teamwork

“A zoologist once informed me that a tiger will defeat a lion in a battle; but five lions will defeat five tigers because the lions fight together and the tigers do not, so the five lions take on one tiger at a time.”  

(The Celtic Way of Evangelism, 18.)

Did C.S. Lewis anticipate modern climate-extremists?

“You know as well as I do that Man’s power over Nature means the power of some men over other men with Nature as the instrument.”

C.S. Lewis, in That Hideous Strength, 178.

The Importance of Prayer

“God has been pleased to constitute prayer to be antecedent to the bestowment of mercy; and He is pleased to bestow mercy in consequence of prayer, as though He were prevailed on by prayer. When the people of God are stirred up to prayer, it is the effect of His intention to show mercy; therefore He pours out the spirit of grace and supplication.”

Jonathan Edwards,
“The Most High: a Prayer-Hearing God”
cited in A Hunger for God, by John Piper, 174.

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