Great Quotes for the Weekend

Quotes You’ll Love

Quote on a SlateSome are short. Some are long.

Some, the truth hits hard and fast. Others, the wisdom within the quote requires some reflection.

But all of them will help you think better about your culture, the gospel and the interface between the two.

Anomie: A situation in which a society is not governed by the norms that generally regulate behavior. A period of upheaval and disorganization.”

—Paul Dickson,
A Connoisseur’s Collection of Old and new,
Weird and Wonderful, Useful and Outlandish Words, 135.

“Everything that leads to happiness involves pain. … Ask a forty-year-old bachelor why he stays single even though he admits that dating provides less and less satisfaction (and no happiness), and he will most likely respond that he fears permanent commitment, something that is quite painful to male nature. Yet although the bachelor life is associated with fun and excitement, it is married men, according to every study on the subject, who are happier and who live healthier and longer.”

—Dennis Prager,
Happiness is a Real Problem:
A Human Nature Repair Manual
, 53-54

“The first step towards understanding God’s guidance is to understand the guiding God. We need to explore his character and the way he achieves his plans before we can tackle the nitty-gritty issues we are all so interested in. If we understand God–what he’s like, what motivates him, and what his plans are–we will be well on the way to understanding his guidance.” (p. 8)

—Phillip Jenson and Tony Payne,
Last Word on Guidance,

(Kingsford, NSW: St Matthias Press, 1991), 1-2.

I have long thought that this is an apt
description of satan and his ways.

“That is Lord Foul’s  way in all things–to force his foes to become that which they most hate, and to destroy that which they most love.”

—Stephen R. Donaldson,
The Illearth War, 45.

“A time will come when instead of shepherds feeding the sheep, the church will have clowns entertaining the goats.”

—Charles H. Spurgeon

“Pastor, because ‘Hardcore Devil Stomping Ninja’ isn’t an official job title.”

—Seen on a Tee Shirt

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