To My Liberal and Conservative Friends

A Day Off Musing

I won't fit in your predetermined spot for me.
I won’t fit in your predetermined spot for me.

I posted a version of this on my FaceBook™ page and thought I would bring it over here for good measure. Part of my motivation is fueled by frustration. Some of my conservative friends think that conservatism is always right. They don’t listen to anyone who isn’t “conservative.” Some of my liberal friends think that if it doesn’t come from a liberal voice they recognize, nothing can be trusted. Among some, and I see this more common among my younger friends (anyone under 40 qualifies as ‘younger’), there seems to be a willingness to insulate themselves from any contact with anyone who is not of “their tribe.” That goes for both my liberal friends and my conservative friends.

How is that an expression of tolerance and love for one another and the diversity of God’s creation?

Trapped in a BoxSo here’s a note to my friends both liberal and conservative, both democrat and republican (and everybody between and beyond):

  1. I can’t be classified in your little boxes.
  2. I will sometimes post things that will upset you. It’s not intentional.
  3. I sometimes read your posts and get upset (this applies equally to both liberal and conservative friends). I get over it quickly.
  4. I am NOT going to defriend you because I disagree with you. You are more important to me than your posts.
  5. I am hoping to learn much from you.
  6. I love having a diverse group of friends.
  7. A continued relationship with the people I cross paths with in life is a high value to me.
  8. If I went to school with you anywhere (HS, College, or Graduate School) you are always welcome in my home. (I mean it. Consider my house a cheap [i.e. FREE] B&B if you are passing through South Carolina.) 
  9. I will always try to be like Jesus to you personally.
  10. I will fail, but I will not give up trying.

I really only have one interest:

Living passionately for and like Jesus as best I can according to my understanding of the gospel.

My understanding of the gospel is a continually growing thing. I will likely discard certain things I believe now as I mature in Christ. I don’t expect to be the same person I am today a year from now. I hope to be more like Jesus. If I’m not more like Jesus a year from now it would be tragic. But I will still be, your friend.

4 thoughts on “To My Liberal and Conservative Friends

  1. Brought over from Facebook

    Laura Cardona Marty, you ‘re the best!
    December 15 at 3:56pm · Like · 1

    Nora Lustyk-King Very well said Marty!
    December 15 at 4:12pm · Like · 1

    Terry Ivy Marty, this is excellent…and I guess it means we are still friends, huh?
    December 15 at 4:20pm · Like · 1

    Bill Cripe Marty you’re such a jerk! I hate you. LOL. Seriously–One thing I found in my 61 years that perplexes people the most is they don’t know how to exactly handle it or understand it when they disagree with you vehemently and you do not reject them.
    December 15 at 4:34pm · Unlike · 4

    Meredith ‘Schoenleber’ Aldrin Just a thought: but just because someone unfriends you on Facebook or “unfollows” you doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t friends anymore it might just mean you post too much on things they don’t want to see. Just saying.
    December 15 at 4:39pm · Unlike · 3

    Marty Schoenleber to Meredith: While I agree, it may be an example of my unfriending friend, insulating themselves from any form of confrontation.

    Brenda Pearson Rust
    December 15 at 4:52pm · Like

    Marty Schoenleber Jr Meredith, I agree.
    December 15 at 4:53pm · Like · 1

    William J. Timmins Nice sentiment Marty.
    December 15 at 5:06pm · Like

    Walter Woods · Friends with Jim Culbertson
    When you unfriend just because you disagree you close off your mind to other viewpoints and lose valuable points to consider and debate. The best debaters know the other side well.
    December 15 at 6:54pm · Unlike · 1

    Leslie Henson Yes, Pastor/friend, I wouldn’t trade you for anything!!!!
    December 15 at 7:19pm · Like

    Marty Schoenleber Jr Terry Ivy, you are one of my most treasured friends.
    December 15 at 8:34pm · Like

    Barbara Offill You have the heart of Jesus, Marty!!!
    December 15 at 10:02pm · Like

    Michael Gaskins Yea, Marty Jr Schoenleber, if you daily invite me to play candy cane saga, I WILL unfriend you, right Meredith ‘Schoenleber’ Aldrin
    20 hrs · Like · 1

    Marty Schoenleber Jr No, but I will block posts about all games!
    11 hrs · Like · 1

    Tricia Renee Hufnagel -Chapman well said
    6 hrs · Like


  2. I think a lot of Christians would say the same thing that I have written here. In other words, there’s nothing special about me. And Bill Cripe, you are absolutely right. Most people simple don’t know what to do with a person who disagrees agreeably.


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