Reigniting a Conversation: What does preaching look like in a house church?

I’m not interested in criticism of established churches. I am interested in what the house church experience of preaching is from both those who do it and those who hear it.

via What does preaching look like in a house church?.

4 thoughts on “Reigniting a Conversation: What does preaching look like in a house church?

    1. Miguel,
      Appreciate your staying with the stream of the question. (And I agree that preaching, biblically, is more often an activity of heralding the gospel rather than [as it is in many church bodies, be they organic or brick] exposition for edification.)

      Let me put a finer point on the question for you in a couple of ways.
      1. Is preaching outside the guided discussions, i.e. out on mission, perceived as exposition or announcement?
      2. Is guided discussion and dialogue perceived as led by a particular (i.e., a pastor/shepherd or elder)?


      1. Unfortunately in a lot of house churches in North America, there is no belief in leadership and neither strong giftings to preach and teach. They are mostly desiring meetings to always have an equal footing of all sharing every meeting (1 Cor 14). That is part of a church meeting but again that should [not] nulify leadership as you mentioned brother.


  1. In the underground churches in China preaching is passionate and powerful. There is no reason why just because being in a smaller room that there cannot be louder and passionate preaching. I believe also house churches allow corporate sharing, there should be openness to both, depending on the giftings in the body of Christ. When Paul the Apostle came and visited brethren they would want him to teach and preach because he had a strong gifting to edify the body of Christ.

    Here is a link to a free ebook on underground house churches in China, Iran and North Korea:

    Excellent discussion topic.


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