In the Interest of Better Preaching

Tuesday is for Preaching

A PreacherPreached a five point message from Philippians 4:15-20 a few months ago. The title of the message was Live for the Benefit of Others.  The message answered the question, WHY (“should I live for the benefit of others?”)

  1. There is increase for you (vss. 15-17)
  2. There is supply for others (vs. 18a)
  3. There is delight for the heart of God (vs. 18b)
  4. There is the promise of abundance for our needs (vs 19)
  5. There is glory for God (vs. 20)

I took the points from the text in the order in which they appeared not in order of their importance. But I liked that point five emphasized the glory of God.

I’m an old seminary preaching professor. I’m also a mentor of pastors so I’m constantly thinking of how to help the men I work with [and myself] to grow in their ability to preach the gospel from any text, (like Jesus on the Damascas road and Spurgeon in his philosophy of preaching). So with that in mind, here’s a preaching exercise to sharpen your thinking.

Preaching Exercise:

  • If this were your message …
  • How would you preach the gospel from point 1 and verses 15-17?
  • How would you do it from each of the other points and their associated texts?

Exercises like this are not just academic games.  They are training grounds for better preaching.

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