Now that is Myth-Busting! Wow!

Monday is for Discussion

There are so many  things that get repeated so often that that they take on a life of their own and no one stops to examine them closely.  Here’s a couple that don’t stand up to the smell test or the research into the facts test that I have found over the years.

  • 80% of people who believe in Jesus do  so before the age of 18.  Myth
  • Christian divorce rates are the same as the general population.  Myth
  • African-American-poor are more criminally prone than white-poor.  Myth
  • Churches are filled with hypocrites.  Well, that may be true, but can you think of a better place for them (us) if they (we) want to become less hypocritical?

But here’s one that get’s bandied about all the time in the media and among atheists who want to bludgeon Christians into submission by shaming them into a head-dropping embarrassed admission.

  • “95% of all wars ever fought were wars over someone’s religion.”

Turns out that may be the mythiest of all myths.  Here’s the link and the info-graphic to prove it. Check out the link HERE and the graphic below. The information for the graphic comes from the SECULAR three volume Encyclopedia of Wars.  (Thanks to Dr. Craig Ott of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School who pointed me to this article.)


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