The Coming Violence Between Generations in America

Monday is for Discussion

consumerism-illustrationRead a fascinating article today forecasting violence between generations over the debt currently being passed on the as yet unborn generation to come. Here’s just one of the quotes:

Children living in poverty because their parents experienced a tragedy or war, can live with their circumstances, understanding the calamity that led to their state, he explained.  He contrasted that, however, with “a vast segment of society saying we are poor compared to what the generation of our parents had, not because there was some catastrophe, but because the generation of our parents consumed all the [wealth] and threw the responsibility on us.” (emphasis added)

For the full article see this link.

Debatable perhaps, but it raises a question:

If such a future awaits us in America, how is the church preparing disciples who will be peacemakers and how is the church fighting the urge to consume wealth at the expense of our children’s future?

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