William Carey’s Parting Story to His Church

Wednesday is for Prayer

Understanding the plight, the desperation, the urgency of the need for gospel proclamation to the unevangelized peoples of the earth is one of the greatest needs of every believer in every age.  Here’s how the “father of modern missions” sought to develop such a vision in the believers of his generation.

Carey, WilliamAs the picnickers frolicked on the bank of the river rapids, a shout rang out, “A child fell in the river!”

A crowd quickly gathered, and anxious eyes searched the rushing water for a glimpse of the child.  Thinking quickly, the captain of the high school swim team grabbed a nearby “tug of war” rope and tied it around his body.  He tossed the other end to the crowd and dove into the rapids.  The crowd watched nervously as the high school hero struggled to reach the child.  As he grabbed the child and struggled to stay afloat, he shouted over the roaring rapids, “Pull the rope!”  The onlookers glanced among each other and asked, “Whose holding the rope?”  In the excitement of watching the rescue, no one had grabbed the rope.  By then, the rope had slid into the rapids and was well out of reach.  Helpless, the crowd watched as the two figures in the water disappeared.

William Carey… told his church prior to departing for Calcutta (India), “You hold the rope and I will climb down into the pit.”  Oswald Chambers reminds us, “Prayer is the greater work.”

“Lord, because of the shed blood of Your Son, would You make us men and women who are diligent in the work of prayer? Would You make us a people who is desperate in our dependence upon You and inflamed by Your Spirit to pray for the advance of the gospel of the Kingdom over which You reign? Lord, begin with me, make me a warrior in prayer for Your glory and the joy of the whole world. Amen.” 

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