N.T. Wright, John Piper, Alister McGrath, Abortion, Better Ministry Thinking; Women’s Ordination; Parenting For Glory

Early Weekend Links

I love things made of wood and stone
so this was interesting to me

Too many good links to wait till the weekend. But remember, a “good” link doesn’t mean I endorse all of what is in it. Enjoy.

Better Engagement with Culture

Some Startling and Good News Despite No Reporting (We could give some other cultural indicators that would be powerfully depressive and maybe more important, but let’s not lose sight of these positive signs.)
A First Hand Account of International of Corruption and Secrecy (Wade through this and get a good picture of just how complicated international business is and how it effects every business in the USA.)
What an Actual Conservative Candidate Might Sound Like (Wow! Something to think about? Over the top? Part of a new breed? Make up your own mind.)
Why Benghazi Matters (Video from the hearings)
Gleaning Up the Mess that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has Created (Mike Adams—all it takes to wash liberties down the drain of history is a supreme court decision.)

Better Thinking About Ministry

New Thoughts on the Homogeneous Unit Principle (I have been highly critical of the HUP over the years, when it is used as a strategy for methodology rather than an analytical tool to understand a culture or target group. I’m not likely to change tunes but this article might stretch the key I sing in!)
Was Spurgeon Off His Rocker? (Andree Seu Peterson is a gifted writer, so when Jonathan Parnell quoted her in this fine article, I had to read the whole thing. I wasn’t disappointed. You won’t be either.)
C.S. Lewis and the Logic of Belief (Apologetics 315—book review of a new book by Victor Reppert titled, C.S. Lewis’s Dangerous Idea.)
Brothers, Supernatural Does Not Mean Stupid (John Piper—worthy article about the place of the Spirit and the Supernatural in a ministry of excellence.)
Why God Won’t Go Away (Alister McGrath—via Ratio Christi.
“Dr. Alister Edgar McGrath is a remarkable man. He holds an earned PhD in molecular biophysics and an earned Doctor of Divinity degree, both from the University of Oxford. He was once an atheist, but while studying chemistry at Oxford, he began to realize that the evidence for atheism was “circular, tentative, and uncertain.”)
The Odds Against Christmas (Always great to revisit the fulfillment of prophecy in Christ)

God Still Protects His Church (Terry Ivy is one of the unsung heroes of this generation. I count it an extreme privilege to count him as a friend. If this story doesn’t encourage your faith, you may not have a pulse!)

Three Links on Women and Ordination

A Better Way to Argue for Women’s Ordination (N.T. Wright—argues that the Anglican Church in England would be better served to argue on the basis of the text than on the basis of “progress.” An excellent point even if you disagree with his interpretation of the text.)
Doug Wilson Gives His Take on N.T. Wright’s Novel Interpretation of 1 Timothy
And Finally, Denny Burk Weighs in On both N.T. and Doug Wilson (I love a lively debate!)

Parenting for the Glory of God

Books for Boys (Noel Piper—sound advice and some good books for boys of all ages.)
God Hates Wife Beaters (Raise up your boys with this understanding and the world will be a much better place and the gospel will be adorned with beauty.)

2 thoughts on “N.T. Wright, John Piper, Alister McGrath, Abortion, Better Ministry Thinking; Women’s Ordination; Parenting For Glory

  1. Marty, thanks for the ‘shout out’ brother! Your prayers and friendship are tremendous blessings in my life. Hallelujah to the Lamb for taking weak messengers and entrusting us with the perfect message of ‘so great salvation.’ Oh that the Lord would bring revival to our county…it is our only hope!

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