Weekend Links to Enliven Your Morning, Energize Your Conversations and Enlighten Your Soul

Weekend Links

Some links to challenge and delight, to embolden and sober, to grow and inflame. And as always, I share them, I don’t necessarily endorse all that is in them. Enjoy.

Better Leaders

Five Types of Mentors (Ron Edmondson—Growing leaders all have mentors. Here’s a survey of five different types)
Reclaiming Civility as a Christian Virtue (Christian Research Institute—a great reminder during a contentious political season.


Do Multi-taskers Accomplish More? (Students think they can multi-task. Here’s proof that …)


Why the labor Statistics for September Look Fishy (Jack Welch—former CEO of General Electric)

Foreign Affairs

In My Opinion, The Entire Obama Administration is Demonstrable Corrupt and Insults the Intelligence of the American People (Watch this short video of Charles Krauthammer’s take on Libya and the Murder of American in Benghazi)
Be Afraid (Oliver North—on what is really happening and what the media is not reporting in Afghanistan)

Human Sexuality

It’s Okay to Fight Against Homosexuality (Danny Burk —An important article and perspective in the ongoing demonization of Christians for their stand against homosexual practice.)
A Year of Biblical Womanhood (Book Review—there is so much confusion on the rolls of men and women in our culture and this is a book sure to further confuse them for many.)
Bus Driver Tells Child His Mother Should Have Aborted Him (Our culture is becoming culture-less. This is what the culture of death produces—adults who don’t value childhood.)

Domestic Policy

The Diversity Fetish (Mark Davis—the greatness of American diversity and how government is spoiling it, undermining it, and ultimately, will kill it.)
Tom Brokaw Rebukes the Vice President for Laughing at Thermo-nuclear War

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