Crazy or Crazy Smart; Junk DNA?; Leaving the Democratic Party; Immigration Policy; Abortion and Black Women;

Weekend Links

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There are a couple of videos below that you really should not miss. They will encourage you and help you in your ministry, no matter what your ministry. There are others that are worth reading even if you won’t agree with all of them. They will challenge your thinking, encourage your heart, break through some of your prejudices, and stimulate some new avenues to think and explore for the glory of God. But as always, their inclusion here is not necessarily an endorsement.

Training Better Pastors

You Are Not Crazy (Ray Ortlund—Fighting pastoral depression and the attacks of the enemy.)
How to Embrace Pain in the Ministry (Craig Groeschel—a theology of suffering is necessary for effective ministry)
Reclaiming Liberal Theology for the Gospel and Glory of God (A very interesting piece by a pastor who lost his faith and found it again.)

Engaging Culture

Junk DNA? Really? (Article explores the wonders of what science is finding as they probe the DNA of the human genome. So much of it points to our Creator.)
Paul Ryan Speaks to the President on What Can be Agreed and Disagreed with Regard to Health Care (Powerful video)
Bishop Calls All Christians to Leave the Democratic Party  (Shocker)
Abortion and the Black Woman (Gospel Coalition—a heart breaking story)
Peter Kreft on Why Pro-Life Ought to be the Default Position (Video—less than three minutes of powerful logic. Highly recommended.)
Better Immigration Policy for Conservatives (Some good thinking here. Hard realities with which we need to deal with both compassion and wisdom.)

Growing Better Christians

Embarrassment is a Doorway to Grace (National Catholic Reporter—)
The Goodness of God (Devotions from the the distant past for a very particular present)
The Beauty of Christ Seen in the Islamic Protests Against a Vile Movie (Desiring God–John Piper)

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